Tiletech Natural Floor Soap


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A gentle cleaner containing a trace of linseed oil especially formulated to clean without damaging the most delicate surfaces. Ideal for use on travertine, limestone (including Jura), sandstone, slate, marble, porcelain, granite, terracotta, quarry tiles and flagstones. Has a fresh, clean fragrance. Suitable for use on both sealed and unsealed, polished and unpolished surfaces.

Suitable for use with all other Tiletech sealers and cleaners.

Weekly use: Dilute 2 or 3 capfuls (5 capfuls on dirtier floors) of Tiletech Gentle Neutral Floorwash in a bucket of warm water. Wash the floor and allow to dry. Does not require rinsing.
Special Application: On waxed or polished surfaces such as porcelain, granite and glass finish by buffing with a soft dry cloth or machine.

Benzisothiazolinone; perfumes, citral, limonene

1 litre of Tiletech Gentle Neutral Floorwash should be sufficient to wash an average floor of 20m2 approx 40 times.
Tiletech Gentle Neutral Floorwash can be used on most surfaces.