Sandblasted & Brushed

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Tile Sizes:

  • 406 x random
  • 152 x 305
  • 300 x 300
  • 400 x random
  • 600 x 400
  • 600 x 600
Colour Varieties:

  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Grey-Beige

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Softly and evenly textured with a lightly pitted effect, Jura Sandblasted and Brushed is a stunning addition to our Jura range. It has a matt finish with minimal reflectivity and a more even overall tone. The transitions between shades are smooth and slight and as a result the fossils and geological imprints are displayed in a subtler manner and appear less plentiful than in other Jura stones.

It will look superb in areas exposed to strong sunlight, but is versatile enough to be just as much of a focal point throughout the house, or as a centerpiece area outdoors. Sandblasted and Brushed Jura is available in both Grey or Beige.

This finish also gently foregrounds the plentiful geological imprints that can be found in all our Jura stones. These imprints give the stone a dappled effect that is complemented by the similarity in tone between them and the creams, greys and soft brown shades in the base tones of the stone. In addition there are elements of slightly darker veining and quartz.

As with all our Jura range, this stone is extremely durable and hard wearing. This means it is ideal for areas of heavy traffic. Brushed Jura is cut from Jurassic limestone deposits in the Jura Mountains. It needs only minimal maintenance and upkeep and will be perfectly suitable for outdoor use in thicknesses in excess of 20mm.

This tile is becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial applications, including many public buildings. Please call for more size options and surface finishes; Brushed Jura comes in either 10mm or 15mm thickness as standard but is also available in 20mm or any other size specified, as a special order.

Floor Suitability – Heavy Wear Domestic/Heavy Wear Commercial

Wall Suitability – All areas

Outdoors – Suitable if the tile has a minimum thickness of 30mm