Mapei Ultracolor Plus Grout 5kg

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Fast setting andrying, high performance, antiflorescence grout, polymer modified, for joints 2 to 20mm, water repellent with DropEffect® and antimold with BioBlock® technology.

BioBlock® technology applied to this product blocks various types of mould from forming and proliferating on the surface of the grout in humid conditions. Also, the use of special hydrophobic additives (DropEffect® technology) gives grouting mortars high water-repellent properties, making them less prone to dirtiness and with excellent durability.

Ideal for grouting exterior fa├žades, balconies, terraces, swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens. Especially suitable for grouting floors of supermarkets, highway service stations, restaurants, airports and public service grounds.

Preparing the joints: When the tiles are very porous and installed in very hot areas, wet the joints with clean water.
Preparing the mix: Pour 5kg bag of Ultracolor Plus into a bucket containing approximately 1 litre of clean water depending on the colour used. Mix with a mechanical stirrer at low speed until a homogenous mixture is obtained. Wait 2-3 minutes and briefly mix again.
Applying the mix: Fill the joints with a trowel or rubber float and remove excess. The mixture must be used within 20-30 minutes of its preparation.
Finishing: After 15-30 minutes Ultracolor Plus is no longer plastic and becomes opaque. Smooth and clean-off excess paste with a dampened sponge. For floors, a machine with rotating pads can be used. The finishing of the hardened grout can be made with sponges.
Set for light foot traffic: Floors are set to light foot traffic after approximately 3 hours.
Ready for use: Surfaces are ready for use after 24 hours. Basins and swimming pools can be filled after 48 hours.