Mapei Keracolor FF Fine Grained Grout 5kg

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High performance , cementitious grout, polymer modified, water-repellent with DropEffect®, for joints up to 6mm.

Mapei Keracolor FF is a blend of cement, fine graded aggregates, special polymers, additives and pigments. The use of hydrophobic additives gives grouting mortars highly repellent properties, making them less prone to discolouring.

Preparing the joints: If the tiles are very porous and installed in very hot areas or in the presence of wind, wet joints with clean water.
Preparing the mix: Pour 5kg bad of Keracolor FF into a bucket containing 1.2-1.4 litres of clean water. Mix with a mechanical stirrer at low speed until a homogenous mixture is obtained. Let stand 2-3 minutes and briefly mix again.
Applying the mix: Fill the joints with the mixture using a trowel or squeegee making sure to remove excess paste. The prepared mixture must be used within 2 hours.
Finishing: Keracolor FF loses its plasticity and becomes opaque after 10-20 minutes. Level and clean the surface with a dampened sponge. A disc-type power float machine can be used for cleaning floors.
Set to light foot traffic: Floors are set to light foot traffic after approximately 24 hours.
Ready for use: Surfaces are ready to use and basins and swimming pools can be filled after 7 days.