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Two-component acid resistant epoxy grout for joits over 3mm. Can also be used as an adhesive.
Particularly suitable for grouting floors and walls in the food industry, thermal water baths, tanks containing aggressive chemicals, work surfaces in kitchens, hospitals, supermarkets and in all environments where complete hygiene is required and resistance to most aggressive chemicals.

Kerapoxy P is recommended for grouting large surfaces. Coverage depends on the size of the joint.

Preparing the mix: Pour the hardener (Part B) into the container Part A and mix thoroughly until a uniform paste is obtained (preferably using a low speed mixer). The contents are correctly proportioned (mixing ratio 9:1). For ease of application it is recommended that work is carried out when the ambient temperature is above +15C.
Applying the mix: Fill the joints completely with Kerapoxy using a rubber float. Use the edge of the trowel to remove excess paste. The mixture must be used within 45 minutes from its preparation.
Finishing: Clean floor and wall coverings before the product sets. Cover the grouted surface with plenty of water and clean off with an abrasive sponge. For large areas, use an electric rotating disc machine. Exess water can be removed with a hard sponge. The last cleaning phase and removal of any marks may be carried out using cleaner.
Ready for traffic: At the ideal temperature of +20C, floors are ready for foot traffic after 24 hours. Kerapoxy is chemical resistant after 4 days.