Antique Stone Oil Floor Sealer


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Interior & exterior use

A unique pre-polish oil for making new stone and terracotta look instantly “aged”.

Ensure surface to be treated is completely dry and free from contaminants which may prevent LTP Stone Oil Antique from properly curing. Apply by brush or soft cloth and allow to cure thoroughly (minimum 12 hours) before polishing with LTP Antique Beeswax. The action of applying the beeswax removes some of the LTP Stone Oil Antique and it is the remaining LTP Stone Oil Antique beneath the polish which provides the “aged” appearance. The longer the oil is allowed to cure, the more difficult it is to remove and the darker the finish will be. For an even darker finish a second coat may be applied and allowed to cure thoroughly. This should be done before use of the beeswax.

This information is offered without guarantee. The material should be used so as to take account of the local conditions and the surfaces to be treated. In case of doubt, the product should be tried out in an inconspicuous area.