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Take a look at a fantastic example of a contemporary limestone that is full of character, Jura Beige Limestone. Not just highly durable and long lasting natural stone, it is being used in some very ambitious building projects.

Limestone gathers its colouration from the impurities that mix with the Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). This particular variety was formed between 161 and 145 million years ago making it the youngest layer of the Jura mountains therefore the lighter shades have been reported to reach 99% purity in the higher areas.

Jura beige is identified by its significantly lighter shade than other forms of Jura and is quite an inconsistent tile in its colouration giving it its character.

Its surface gets brought to life by splashes of brown that only show up with a much lighter backdrop. In some tiles you can even get large ammonite fossils, from which limestone tiles are made from. Some of these can be as large as a few inches, showing the true history of these tiles.

Want to see examples Jura beige limestone? See our gallery of images from across the world where individuals, governments and philanthropists have chosen these magnificent tiles for their projects.

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Jura Beige Limestone Image Gallery

Warehouse Baden Baden, Germany

A wonderful example of Jura Beige Honed.

Hotel in Jeju, Korea

Vein Cut Polished Jura Beige adorning a hotel on an Island off the south coast of Korea.

Designer Flats, Budapest

Honed and Chiseled Jura Beige on Designer flats in the Hungarian capital.